Fixing Wonky Pump Mounts on a Rancilio Silvia

In taking apart my Silvia to fit a new group head and pid-kit. I noticed the pump mounts were looking decidedly wonky:

Pump with saggy pump mounts

This wasn’t good because it meant that the pump was coming dangerously close to the self-tapping screw that holds the pump mounts to the frame.

Fortunately the coffee machine company were kindly able to source a replacement set of mounts and I resolved the problem:

Pump with new mounts

The good news is the newer mounts also make the machine a whole heap quieter too.

The mounts themselves aren’t particularly solid and I noticed that the pipe with the stainless steel cover is a bit on the long side. What I reckon happened is that the pipe is quite stiff and over time this pushed the mount on the left down causing the sag. When I fitted the new mounts I deliberately angled the pipe back more to alleviate some of the downwards force.

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