Silasket Silicon Gasket for the Rancilio Silvia

I decided to try a silicone gasket for my Silvia after having a bad experience with a string of non-OEM rubber gaskets that seemed to disintegrate »

Rancilio Silvia: How to fit a new group head cover

Rancilio Silvias are robust machines. They do have one achilles heel though, and that's the group-head cover. Over time it will eventually bubble and the chrome »

Fixing a sticky steam valve on Rancilio Silvia

The Rancilio Silvia is a robust machine if you look after it. It's easy to fix if anything does go wrong and parts are pretty easy »

Pimping Miss Silvia with an Auber PID

I’ve recently started to drink a lot more espresso than milk drinks and this change really made me appreciate better shots over imperfect ones. »

Rancilio Silvia Group Cover Peeling for the 2nd Time

Whilst I love my Rancilio Silvia the one weak spot is the chrome-plated group cover. Unfortunately, despite appearances, it’s made of plastic and the »