Extract Coffee: Original Espresso

I recently came across Extract Coffee Roasters when looking for new coffees to try out. Their original espresso seemed to be a good starting point for »

Square Mile: Red Brick Espresso

Initially I found this coffee difficult to brew and I was getting what seemed to be quite delicate results which seemed at odds with the description. »

Havana Coffee Works X-Blend Beans Review

From New Zealand we have X-blend beans from Havana Coffee Works. The packaging is fairly minimal with little details on the beans that make up this »

Pimping Miss Silvia with an Auber PID

I’ve recently started to drink a lot more espresso than milk drinks and this change really made me appreciate better shots over imperfect ones. »

Fixing Wonky Pump Mounts on a Rancilio Silvia

In taking apart my Silvia to fit a new group head and pid-kit. I noticed the pump mounts were looking decidedly wonky: This wasn’t »